Who’s Got A Crush On Rose Blush?

Who’s Got A Crush On Rose Blush?

Who's Got A Crush On Rose Blush?

What a goddess! What a bod! What zeppelins! Rose Blush is every inch a babe…and soever other regional terms her boyfrend Australians use to describe a very hawt chick.

Rose attracts a lot of attention just by being Rose.

“Usually it’s just people turning and staring. I acquire some lascivious comments and some polite compliments. Almost any often it’s people driving past and yelling ‘Nice bumpers,’ or ‘Show me your bra-busters!’ Yelling that without a car window is definitely not the right circumstance.”

Has she ever popped out her treasures in response to the slutty requests to do so?

“Maybe if I have had a bit to swallow! I’m just kidding. They’ve usually driven off before I’ve had the chance. I adore being the center of attention wherever I go. I like my love bubbles, so I love showing them off. When I go to the beach, I wear a bikini. I do have a one-piece, and it is fairly low-cut. I do not go to topless beaches often, but I have done it in advance of. People just stare at me when my love bubbles are out, but to be honest, they stare even when I’m in my swim costume!”

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