When her son’s away, Victoria shags his superlatively admirable friend

When her son’s away, Victoria shags his best friend

When her son's away, Victoria fucks his most precious friend

Victoria Lobov, a 47-year-old housewife is walking around her abode in high heels and a constricted skirt. Her humongous marangos are pouring out of her top. Is this the way the modern SEXY HOUSEWIFE dresses. Well, yep, it’s.

Victoria goes outdoors and sees her son’s friend, Connor, sunbathing by the pool. Just the sight of his young body acquires her feeling her whoppers and fondelling her twat. Charmer, this babe need to really be sure that her son isn’t home.

She eventually approaches him.

“Where’s Jimmy?” that babe asks.

“He went to the store to seize some beers,” Connor says. “He should be back any minute now.”

“You don’t have any swimming trunks,” this babe says. “Let’s go inside and borrow some of Jimmy’s.”

“Sure,” Connor says, not knowing what Mrs. Lobov has in mind but checking her out each step of the way. Jimmy should know more amazing than to leave his most worthwhile buddy at home with his hawt SEXY HOUSEWIFE Mamma, but Connor would not do everything, would that lady-killer? This chab wouldn’t screw his best friend’s Mother, would this chab?

Well, yes, this smooth operator would. Cuz when this chab takes off his pants–ostensibly so Mrs. Lobov can discover him a bathing suit to wear–his large weenie is sticking with out his undershorts.

“Oh, Connor, I do not think anything of Jimmy’s will fit u,” she says, eyeing his meat-thermometer. “Come feel my milk shakes. I know you’ve been looking at them for years now.”

With his little head in whole control of his large head, Connor says, “Fuck it,” and makes a decision to fuck Mrs. Lobov.

Final minute of this video: Connor cums all over Mrs. Lobov’s king-size rack.

Final words of this video: “Mom, I am home!”

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