Veronica Rayne – Gimme An F

Gimme An F

Gimme An F

Every woman chaser into love bubbles and love tunnels has his go-to dream angel. There’s the hot maid, usually in a little hot French maid suit. There is the nurse who can do whatsoever she desires to do to you. There is the cop, the teacher, the businesswoman, the waitress, the schoolgirl, the store clerk.

And then there’s the cheerleader as enacted by Veronica Rayne in “Gimme An F.” Cheerleaders are moist dream queens. If this is your favorite F-Girl, she has been in your brain for a very lengthy time.

You are the schlong with a hard penis. Veronica is the able sports cheerleader. You know the type. U see them on television. They work for able basketball and football teams and dance at the home games. They have a regular job and cheer and dance part-time. They’re maturer than the college pom-pom beauties. Their commonplace age is 25 but some have been as old as 42-years-old. They are all in jaw-dropping shape, supple, limber and energetic with constricted cunts and assholes. They don’t make tons of money cheerleading but for Veronica, mouthing the players’ ramrods and getting banged and cummed-on is enough reward for her.

Veronica is on her knees engulfing you off after the large game. This babe milks your skin flute with her large whoppers, savoring your male power. Inflexible dicks make her cum-hole moist. So moist she has to mount your wang and ride until her brains are drilled out. Then you can ball cream her. That will nifty her off until next week’s game.

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