The “Show Me” State Girl

The “Show Me” State Girl

The 'Show Me' State Girl

Porsche Dali has been a frequent visitor to XL Angels since 2010. This babe exploded many heads when this babe launched and this babe still continues to rock the abode. Porsche added some tats since this babe 1st appeared and had a change of hair color one year. Other than that, she is still the same goddess. Affable, upbeat, lewd…

XL Girls: What should a boy do to acquire your attention?

Porsche: Be friends with me first. It’s good to be complimented, but I do not crave someone to come to me and say, ‘Hey fascinating heart, precious bouncy bosoms. Can I touch ’em?’ So just be allies with me, investigate what I like, what I don’t love and let it go from there.

XL Girls: Are the studs you date typically boob fanatics?

Porsche: Yes, or ass fanatics. I’m packing arse, also. But I normally get the boob lads.

XL Girls: So do studs say things about your a-hole also?

Porsche: Yeah. The topmost thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a charming large school and one of the men I knew was like, “I gotta do smth.” So he stood me up in front of everyone at the assembly and told, “I just wanna let everybody know this is the almost all fine ass I have ever seen on a white woman.”

XL Girls: Have they ever popped out by accident?

Porsche: Swimsuits are totally awful for bigger in size than average marangos. I’ve been in family functions and been swimming and they popped out.

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