The Hot Secretary

The Hot Office administrator

The Hawt Secretary

How is Rockell, born and raised in Alabama, a true, down-home southern cutie?

“I spent many nights riding down filth roads in the midst of nowhere,” explained Rockell, her always pleased expression making everyone feel good. “We used to gulp. That’s what u do in little southern towns, ‘cuz there isn’t much else to do. You’ve bonfires and everybody acquires jointly. Everybody knows everyone’s business. In the South, there is a thing about southern generosity, and it’s true. I’ve gone to other places where they weren’t so hospitable, so I definitely love the South. Even here in south Florida!”

Rockell is a guy, almost certainly about it. A southern Lothario. This babe could charm the little birdies out of the trees. Now imagine Rockell as a office assistant. Your efficient, stacked secretary. You’d at no time receive a take up with the tongue of work done. You’d be lost in a trance for seven hours plus an hour for lunch as this babe went about her responsibilities.

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