The Fantastic Ms. Fox

The Awesome Ms. Fox

The Magnificant Ms. Fox

Keeping busy with her online activities and photo shoots, Dolly Fox would look the way this babe does just for herself cuz this babe is a big-tit fan herself. Now living in Spain, she’s become who she wants to be and would have bigger in size than average zeppelins even if she at no time decided to put herself out there for breast-lovers to savour.

SCORE: Dolly, now that you have a lot of experience, what advice do you’ve for aspiring adult models?

Dolly: I don’t watch myself as having plenty of experience yet. Many gals are much longer in this business then me. But the almost all good advice I could give ’em is just be yourself and do not change because somebody tells u to. Likewise skinny. Also overweight. Likewise athletic. Too larger than average. Too miniature. You’re always intend to be ‘Too something’ to someone. Just be yourself.

SCORE: This is a very wonderful philosophy. If u had not at all gotten into modeling and online cam, what do you think u would be doing?

Dolly: I never thought about that. I’d still have done my surgeries, as I did ’em in the first place for myself, so that would restriction my options. Probably smth social, where I meet lots of people.

SCORE: We’re sure you would be a bigger in size than run of the mill success at that likewise.

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