The Doctor Is In…Desiree

The Doctor Is In…Desiree

The Doctor Is In...Desiree

Redheaded SCORE vixen Desiree is visiting a recent doctor. Her titties have grown larger and she complains about feeling a tightness in her chest. The doctor tells her to remove her top so this ladies man can give her a breast exam. That smooth operator craves to must the bottom of this. This petticoat chaser indeed craves to have to the bottom of Desiree. That’s why this chab went to medical school.

Desiree acquires off the table to go topless. Her miniskirt rides up when she does. Her mountainous natural milk shakes gush over her 32DDD undergarment. The reason Desiree feels tightness around her chest is obvious. It is a common occurrence. That undergarment is too slight for her funbags.The doctor offers that this Lothario weigh her milk sacks. However, there is no scale in the room. The doctor tells Desiree that that dude can weigh ’em more admirable with his hands, a very scientific way to weigh pointer sisters. Much more accurate than a digital scale. “Nice and heavy, eh?” this woman chaser admiringly says to Desiree.

This stud has the redhaired vixen turn around so this chab can measure her fullsome funbags from the back. “Yes, very healthy,” that petticoat chaser mumbles as he kneads them. That woman chaser tells Desiree to shake ’em and bounce up and down. Where did this doctor intern? At Fredericks of Hollywood hospital?

Doctor Mirko tells her to sit down some other time, open her face hole, stick out her tongue and say “Aaah.” Then that guy sticks 2 fingers into her mouth. Is that gent trying to cut costs by not using a wooden tongue depressor? It’s satisfying to watch the latest medical breakthroughs employed to ensure bitch beauty wellness. Not every doctor cares sufficient to have his hawt mastix patients spit on his pecker during a check-up.

Desiree will be getting a big creampie squirt in her pussyhole to reduce the tightness in her chest. Those advances in health care are glamourous, although eventually this doctor will receive caught with his hand in the pussy jar one of those days.

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