Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Fuck Machine

Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Bonk Machine

Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Bonk Machine

Hands-free masturbation is the purpose of the copulate machine. The speed of the attached, thrusting dildo is adjusted by the user. Unlike conventional marital-aids, dildos and other mechanical joy givers, a cutie can sit or fib back and let the machine do the work .

Fuck machines are not fresh. They’ve been around for over 100 years. Dr. George Taylor invented the Manipulator in 1869. It was a steam-powered motor with a fake penis used to treat the now-debunked medical condition of female “hysteria” throughout “pelvic massage.”

Sylvia Bateman had by no means used a screw machine before. She loves her Hitachi Wand. Does that babe wanna give it a go? That babe finds her glad seat and begins her experiment. The machine is set at a slow speed since it’s her 1st time. It can move at a valuable movie if set high and some of the beauties here at XL Cuties have had to dial it down when it was pumping their love tunnels because it was too intensive.

The bonk machine will at no time replace stiff men but as a novelty item, it does the job of making a cutie cum.

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