Swedish SCORE Girl’s Hard Time

Swedish SCORE Girl’s Unbending Time

Swedish SCORE Girl's Unbending Time

If SCORE ever started its own version of the Swedish swim dress team, the first gal we would call would be Puma Swede (Big-Tit Tune-up, Stacked Street Sluts #3). That babe has the perfect swimsuit body. Looking at this SCORE Classic scene, we remembered Puma‘s 1st visit to SCORE in 2003 as Johanna. She was strictly a nude adult model and didn’t even show her muff. Things change, sometimes at the speed of light. Then Puma went from zero to 69; full sex with guys and sweethearts, smutty talking, exotic dancing, toying, u name it and became one of the colossal porn stars in The United States of America and likewise one of the funniest. Puma did not really change. What this female-dominant sex maniac decided to do on digi camera changed. But a matter of joke ends when Puma screws and sucks because that babe is not kidding around, as this movie proves. This babe loves ramrod rock hard, rough and at ramming speed. “Actually, I was gonna be a brain surgeon, but I got drilled up,” says the a matter of joke Puma. “Really, I have always been a very raunchy person, but I probably did not think I was going to do porn when I was young. When I started in nature’s garb modeling, I didn’t mind doing spreads, but then the agent I had told, “You should go for Playboy,” but now that I’m doing it, I am so happy. It was all this undressed modeling. But I attempted it, and I made it over here twice on a trip, and I discharged for SCORE. No bawdy cleft! I did bathing costume glamour modeling, then I did nudes, then I told maybe I’ll do spreads, then they gave me a toy, then they gave me a goddess, and then boyz. So that’s the story. Now I’m banging boyz on camera.” Puma sums it up: “We Swedes are pleased people. I am very happy.” Eat all the cum u want, Puma. This is USA.

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