Summer Sinn – Hooked By Hooters

Hooked By Mellons

Hooked By Hooters

In a world where the hookers have tremendous tits, Summer Sinn (Topmost Summer Sinn on SCORE DVD) stands at the high point of the mammary mountain; the edge of the deep cleavage cliff; the top of the Grand Tetons. As this torrid tale starts, Summer walks the walk and talks the talk along the railroad tracks. This is her style of neighborhood check out. That babe strolls past a couple engaging in open unveils of affection. Sensing a potential client, she gives the male the eye and he gives it back.

The dude’s girlfriend picks up their glances and begins lacing into him. She’s the jealous type and doesn’t appreciate Summer’s neighborhood patrol. That babe gives Summer the stink-eye and insults Summer. Summer is immune to the slings and arrows of envious, pudgy hotties who don’t have the SCORE covergirl’s immense mammaries and made-to-fuck, curvy body.

The smooth operator abandons his angel and approaches Summer for a closer look. He has not at any time observed mangos adore hers previous to and must have them. Fuck the ball and chain who is fuming a not many feet away. Summer and the trick reach an accord and go back to his dump for a little afternoon bawdy cleft and snatch session. Summer loves the feel of this guy’s Johnson throughout his pants. Time is currency so Summer gets to the meat and potatoes quickly. Dropping to her knees in the almost all worthy ho tradition, that babe squeezes her astonishing scones together to form a boob-pussy this charmer can fuck her whoppers. She spits on his dick so he can better drive his skin-bus through her titty tunnel. Summer has had many men cock-knock her bra-busters and can’t live without how this pick-up roughly pumps her royal rack.

Summer dick-dives to suck his greasy meat missile and take up with the tongue his hanging nuts, making slurping sounds like a Colossal Loser contestant in a fried chicken restaurant. They adjourn to the bed so this chab can acquire Summer on her back and fuck more of her sizable sweater-meat. Summer is a freak for tit-fucking so this turns her on even more. But she is not willing for his boiling nut-butter basting her pantoons just yet. This guy craves to pound that pudenda for a during the time that and acquire his investment paid back in pink wet crack. They elect their first push position from her menu of options and kick off their wicked mattress bouncing in reverse ho-girl.

It’s a precious, sunny spring day but superbusty Summer prefers to sin with sexual strangers inside sweltering apartments. More dirty-dick stripping is in her future. Summer will be expecting by the not right side of the tracks later that evening for the next choo-choo cock-caboose to trip through her titty-territory.

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