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What do the stars indicate about Kerry the Sagittarius female? The Archer is Kerry’s sign (DOB December Ninth, 1978). To be sure, generalities in astrology not based on a person’s distinctive constellation offer a wide margin for error but let’s watch what they say about Sagittarians such as Kerry. The lady Sagittarius has an oval face, pointed chin and high forehead. This babe has a tall, graceful, skinny body. Her eyes are wide and bright. That babe has an honest internal nature. She’s fond of freedom in all of her pursuits. This babe likes to journey. She is social, outgoing, and adorable. She enjoys action and adventure. Her weak spots are her haunches and thighs. Her negative traits may be: fickleness, impatience, building relationships with little loyalty and promising more than can be delivered. In Chinese astrology, the signs of the zodiac are animals and yearly in cycle. 1978 was the year of the horse. According to some astrologers, the lady Horse is a rebel and won’t tolerate authority. She’s well groomed and elegant and her appearance receives maximum attention. That babe can be hot-blooded, hot-headed and impatient. They have tremendous sex-appeal and know how to suit. Like connections come easily coz of their meaty erotic magnetism. This babe has great energy reserves. Horse females roam from one project and enterprise to the next. They lose interest quickly in projects. Does this come close to the real deal? Astrology has its fans and its detractors. Since it’s not a science, belief is a powerful factor. They did hit right on the wide and bright eyes!

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