“Sometimes I Go Without Panties”

“Sometimes I Go Out of Panties”

Meet the mystery glamour model in the SCORELAND Blog of November 29th, 2012. “She comes from a town in the Ukraine whose name I could not even initiate to pronounce,” Dave blogged. Mystery goddess is newcomer Anya Kovac, a Ukrainian found by a longtime contributing photographer. This smooth operator told Anya about us and the idea appealed to her. Big-boobed at an early age, she out-breasted all of her friends when this babe was growing up. “I receive to be fitted every time I buy bras,” moans Anya. “Fortunately, there is no shortage of fine seamstresses in my neighborhood. As a rule, I always wear a brassiere when I go out. I need to control ’em.” “Them,” we assume, are her twins. The most-fun job Anya has had so far in her juvenile 20 years (Born December 24, 1992) is “I handed out adult flyers in a wide neckline and a short petticoat.” Kinda like what she is wearing here. This babe have to have handed out two million flyers. “When I desire to get attention, I wear a short costume with a deep cleavage.” Now this is a girl after our own heart. She has a goal that we have heard countless times from our glamour models. No, not meet Justin Bieber. “I want to jump with a parachute.” Why angels, even in the Ukraine, are so fascinated with skydiving is beyond us. That babe got very frisky during her first shoot, especially at the end. You’ll watch. Next we need to watch Anya on movie scene.

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