She’s the everyday woman-next-door. This is not everyday.

She’s the typical woman-next-door. This is not everyday.

She's the archetypical woman-next-door. This is not commonplace.

“I’m your everyday woman-next-door,” told Kandi Jones, a 41-year-old wife and first-timer who’s not so archetypal in this scene. For one, she’s screwing on-camera for the first time. Almost all hotty’s dont bonk on-camera. For another, that babe goes very unfathomable on Bambino’s large cock. Gets it all the way down her mouth and looks into the digi camera whilst she’s doing so. She sucks his nuts, also. Then that babe copulates him. Then she opens her mouth for his cum. And that babe does all of this while her partner of Twenty years is sat a hardly any feet away off-camera.

Hmmmm…typical woman-next-door? We do not think so.

But we’ll let Kandi, who lives in South Florida, tell her story.

“My boyfriend always thought I was more captivating than I thought I was. He always encouraged me to brandish off a little. He would take pictures of me and we would do the at-home sex videos thing. Once we went to Vegas, and this chab took me to the Green Door, and we met a couple, and the second evening, I felt comfortable enough to indeed have sex. Not jointly, but we had sex in the same room, and then the next night, we met up with them anew, and she and I got together. So that was our first take on an adventurous erotic exploration. It was very thrilling and very hawt.

“We visited a couple of other sex strip clubs, and I discovered that I actually love being undressed and I actually love when people view me. We moved to Key West about six years ago and started spending tons of time at the Garden of Eden. I got hit on a lot, so my husband started encouraging me to see if anyone wanted to come home with us. And we did. Brought home a hardly any sailors. Lots of young lads.

“My boyfriend encouraged me to apply to The SCORE Group. I kind of laughed him off. I really thought there was no way u would desire me, so I just let him put in the application, and then, lo and behold, I got a phone call from The SCORE Group. I have not at all been more concupiscent. I indeed, actually hope that you enjoy watching my movies. It is my 1st time having sex on-camera. I am a little nervous. A lot nervous! He is a total stranger, so if you are ready, I’m ready. Here we go!”

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