Shannon’s Breast Quest

Shannon’s Breast Quest

Shannon's Breast Quest

“I adore sunbathing on a secluded beach,” Shannon Blue said. “I’m not a nudist. I tried it one time in the England. It was a very liberating feeling.” It’s impossible for Shannon to blend into the background and not receive noticed. Not with that super-structure.

From being an office assistant to becoming a super-busty model at SCORELAND, on social media sites and on Great Britain phone-in shows adore Red Light, Shannon completely transformed her life and discovered her fun after this babe turned 50.

“I did a Channel 5 TV expose in the England called ‘Oh My God, My Midlife Plastic Crisis.’ It was filmed over four days and the camera followed me around.

“The sensitiveness of my love muffins is exactly the same as they were previous to I had my melons done. There wasn’t a change. My nipps have always been quite sensitive. I like my tits squeezed but mainly I love to have my nipples licked.”

Shannon likewise practices waist-training. “I urge to have the majority nice boob-to-waist ratio I can get.”

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