Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

Selfie Revenge For Big-boobed Veronica Bow

“I’m definitely passive and I love unfathomable penetration the best,” Veronica Bow said. “I like giving blow jobs.” Sean gives Veronica that deep penetration that babe wants and a complete lot more, and Veronica swallows his rigid prick and tit-fucks him with her 38H-cups.

But before all of that, there’s a back story that may bring a tear to the eye. U see, our friend Veronica was clothed for date night in a crazy-tight dress, her monumental milk shakes spilling out. Then she receives a text from her lady-killer. It’s a “Dear Veronica” see-ya text, a stone cold way to kick a angel to the curb.

Steaming from the rejection, Veronica goes over to the window and sees her neighbour Sean getting some sun. That babe taps on the window and waves him over. Sean is puzzled why. Veronica has him come in and walks him to her bedroom where this babe tells him her boyfriend’s busted up with her. Sean’s eyes pop looking at Veronica’s large, beefy bouncy bosoms and says the boy must be an idiot. Which, certainly, he’s.

There is only one thing on Veronica’s mind. A revenge fuck. There are 2 things on Sean’s mind and he desires to stick his wang between those 2 things. This chab plays with Veronica’s fun-jugs and undresses her down, squeezing and caressing her fleshy body. Veronica has the kind of pliable bosoms that are nice for self-sucking. That babe unveils Sean how that babe can taste her teats. This chab tastes them likewise.

Veronica wants to blow and boob-bang Sean, but previous to that babe does, she desires to send her now ex a fuck-you selfie. Getting on her knees, this babe fills her face hole with Sean’s bloated shaft and takes a slight in number shots, then hits send. With that without the way, now that babe can really must have enjoyment wang filling her face hole. Sean screws Veronica’s mangos inflexible as that babe kneels and squeezes her milk sacks jointly.

Veronica can not wait for her pussy-hole to receive stuffed by knob. That babe climbs on top and pulls one a-hole cheek to the side so that gent can wedge his shlong inside her and pump away at that taut cookie. Revenge is pleasing for this dumped girlfriend and just as enchanting for the new lad who gets, not merely next-door-neighbor fur pie, but a horny neighbor with heavy hooters.

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