Selena Adams: Boobs, Booty, Sun & Oil

Selena Adams: Fullsome funbags, A-hole, Sun & Baby oil

Selena Adams: Bumpers, Arse, Sun & Oil

It was a hawt, sunny day. Selena Adams made it hotter the second that babe strolled out of the house to begin this pictorial. Would Selena wear this micro-bikini in public and where would that babe wear it?

When it comes to swimsuits, less is more skin. There’re handkerchiefs with more material than this costume. Selena twerks, jiggles and shakes her greater than average titties, oils down, purrs in her sexy voice and pats her bawdy cleft.

Being observed is a tremendous turn-on for Selena, and watching Selena do anything is a tremendous turn-on.

“Getting boyz amorous watching me receives me horny.

“One of my kinkiest experiences has to be when I went to the beach with my spouse at the time. We got so randy that we laid a little blanket by the water, not knowing that there was an audience behind us. We started having sex and I got kind of loud. They strolled closer to see what I was doing and that truly turned me on. I haven’t forgotten that night.

“I need to masturbate at least once a day, and I like sex, whenever and wherever I can get it. My favorite place to have sex is really in the car.”

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