Scarlet LaVey – What Is Panty Stuffing?

What Is Belt Stuffing?

What Is Belt Stuffing?

Wow! What a couple!

Of course we mean Scarlet LaVey’s heavy mammaries. We likewise mean the rencounter of Scarlet and Hotty DeLuca at SCORE. Now that is a peach of a couple. This is the 1st rencounter of Cutie and Scarlet, a historic event in our book.

Scarlet has heels on and Hotty has flip-flops. They stand together and grope. Hotty rests her head on Scarlet’s 36H-cups and the tit expose begins.

Angel mentions she has some freaky fetishes including panty stuffing. Knicker stuffing? If u at not time heard of it, you are going to see it right now. Beauty will show it step by step. 1st, that babe finds knickers that have no coarse parts like bejewelled areas or everything that will scratch the delicate parts of a hotty.

View with Scarlet (who not ever heard of this practice and is fascinated) as Gal stuffs her briefs all the way inside her love tunnel until they are gone. Completely drank by Angel’s angelic twat.

We’re glad to have introduced 2 recent friends to every other and to a future competitive sport.

Is the Guinness Book Of World Records ready for this?

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