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Home Body

Home Body

Scarlet LaVey is a apprentice who brought her stacked body and blessed mammaries to The Greater than run of the mill Reveal. We’re the ones who feel blessed. Right off the snap, Scarlet went for a home run with 2 boy-girl hook-ups at SCORELAND (Photographic Breasts and Sports Or Larger than standard Mambos?) and Big busted Bedazzler at SCOREVideos.

“I love to be on top,” says Scarlet about her beloved position. “I have more priceless orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to receive there. If not, I love doggie-style. But I love to be in doggie-style on my knees.”

With her face and bod, Scarlet attracts more than majority girls’ share of attention.

“When guys stare at my boobs or say smth to me about them, I actually love to pretend sometimes that I am made water off about it, but it is all part of the act. I love it. Yep, boyz are bonkers when it comes to mounds. Once I was walking down the street and I was approaching a group of bucks and they screamed out, ‘Oh, my god! Those are real!’ truly loudly. I was adore, ‘Yeah they are!'”

That group may have been drunk douchebags but Scarlet meets admirable boyz majority of the time.

“Guys hit on me but lots of boyz are either demure or intimidated, so they just kind of hang back. I receive a kick out of watching ’em view me and try to work out how to approach me. I discover it enjoyable.”

Scarlet is agile. U may have seen her movie over at the SCORELAND Blog.

“I am truly a dancer. I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for most of my childhood and teenage years so I figure out doing plenty of stretching and lap dancing. It helps to keep me flexible and keep my body in shape. There are tons of routines that I do and tons of moves that keep me flabby and aid me stretch out my back and legs and ram. Lap dancing is truly really good for u ‘coz it keeps u flexible. People do not know how stiff it’s to be a dancer, but they should.”

This glamour photoshoot is a study in contrast. Pie, anyone?

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