SaRenna Lee – Boobs Ahoy! Part 2

Fun bags Ahoy! Part TWO

Boobs Ahoy! Part 2

In the opener of Part TWO of Mangos Ahoy! the saga of the 5th and last Boob Cruise in 2000, the Windjammer Legacy anchors off St. Croix. It is May 1 and Casey James is this segment’s hostess. In the 1st group on the 7AM delicate to a dunky, uninhabited island a scarcely any miles off St. Croix are Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Windy Leigh and those Cruise-mate photographers nutty to initiate taking pix.

The passenger discharge was one of the majority popular events of the Boob Cruise. Many of the veteran passengers have king-size photo albums of previous photo discharges, from solo to girl-girl to multi-girl discharges. How many boyz can say they directed a SCORE model on a tropical island? We have seen many of their books, some even bring ’em to the Cruise, and the employees was always impressed by how fine their work looks.

This St. Croix passenger discharge is solely the starting as this chapter of Boobs Ahoy! proceeds with Lorna Morgan taking over as hostess, more top SCORE stars posing on the beach and putting on night displays on deck, personal reminiscences and non-stop booze cruise partying that made the Cruises the large boob event of the year for a decade, a phenomenon of its time.

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