Sarah Rae – Sarah Rae: The Girl, The Magic

Sarah Rae: The Beauty, The Magic

Sarah Rae: The Girl, The Magic

How would Sarah Rae describe herself? What words would this babe use to describe her personality? Does that babe bounce when she walks down the street? Does that babe bounce her double J-cups when she is in a restaurant? What kind of reaction does that babe receive? When that babe goes to a underware store, what reaction does that babe receive from the sales crew in the brassiere department? All of those questions and many more will be answered in this exclusive episode interview as we pull back the curtain and learn all about Sarah Rae, the goddess, the magic. There’re many who would spend their days and nights foregoing food, water and sleep just to view Sarah Rae bounce her knockers and engulf her areolas. That babe will breastnotize you!

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