Sally D’Angelo – Hot Mama

Sexy Mom

Hot Mama

SCORELAND doesn’t photograph many ladies over 50 (years of age, that is. Bustlines, yes.) Meet Sally D’Angelo a 59-year-old wife, Mama, grandmother and first-time model. Her spouse of 16 years is nifty with Sally showing her juggs, twat and butthole. He’s also nifty with Sally rogering guys and chicks. And he loves to check out her get banged which he did here.

“We both like being undressed,” says Sally. “We’re swinger couples. Love that. We go with it. We go with the flow, soever feels priceless. We have our dreams and we try to live ’em. We’re open about things. We go out and have sex wherever, in a shopping center or mall.”

It truly took a lengthy time to connect with Sally.

“My husband and I were at a swingers convention in Las Vegas and your mag happened to be out there. I was strutting my stuff love always, and I was approached. At the time I was in my late forties, going into my fifties. But at the time our business did not coincide with what your schedule was. So now that we’re in Florida most of the time and our business doesn’t require us to be on-hand, it gives me a lot more free time and opportunity to have some enjoyment and try some fantasies I have had.”

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