Police Headmistress

Police Lady

Police Woman

Don’t u abhor it when you’re pulled over by the cops? Doesn’t that just spoil your day? Well, with Kerry Marie as your arresting officer, u may wanna break one or 2 more laws just in hopes of seeing that smokin’ sexy body. A body so lethal, it must be illegal. I can picture it now, “Sir, widen your legs and let me do my job.” Yep mam! Anything u say. You’ll be begging to be shackled and taken for a ride with this officer of sex laws. Check out her play with her nightstick and acquire herself off. Picture yourself in handcuffs and at her compassion. Criminals all over would surrender to the lusciousness of this busty looker. There should be more officers like Kerry Marie. That way getting a ticket will not appear to be so horrible, and justice would be a enchanting experience.

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