Plump, Plush & Lush

Chubby, Plush & Lush

Plump, Plush & Lush

Mariya Mills likes to view football (soccer) but says she doesn’t have tons of hobbies. “Every weekend I like to go somewhere and do something different. I adore adult modeling and it is pleasure but I dont think this will be something I will do for steady work.”

A nice hobby for us would be hanging out with Mariya all day and night but she’s close to 6,000 miles from XL Angels headquarters.

Mariya is bashful about sex, talking about it and having it.

“I masturbate but I am also demure to talk about it. I like it and I like doing it. Everyone does, yes? Sex I’m coy to talk about. One time my old spouse took me to the roof to have sex. But strangers in the house in front of us could see us so we didn’t do it and went inside. So I not at all had sex in public. I’d be too nervous to have joy it.”

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