Patty Michova – Patty & The Painter

Patty & The Painter

Patty & The Painter

Last time at SCORELAND, rookie Patty Michova was a exotic dancer riding the pole previous to that babe rode the pole. Now Patty wishes a paint job at her place. That babe will acquire one but not the kind that babe thought that babe would be getting. The painter is more interested in laying his hog on Patty than in painting the walls. Maybe he is observed her strip at that club.

They go throughout the color schemes while he schemes to acquire into her briefs. But no con games are needed. The color she wants is goo white. Patty is game to go and is ready for his tool. Now it’s daybed dance time. She did say that she was sexually assertive when that babe began posing for SCORE.

This chab plays with her bigger than typical mellons, mouthing and squeezing ’em. The slender and stacked dark-skinned brown reaches for his paint brush and finds a knob. Those house painters work fast. They receive the job done for their mistress clients if they’re foxes adore Patty. This chab feeds her the penis and we are witness to some other of Patty’s sensational blow-job skills.

She’s potty to ride some other pole, just like final time. They undress the fetching garments off her glamorous, sexy body and that lady-killer plays with her billibongs again. She lays back on the plastic-covered sofa so this chab can eat her out previous to they proceed with the pipe job. This is one painter who will not be giving Patty Michova the brush. Does his union know about this? Probably not, or they’d raise his dues immediately. It doesn’t matter. Patty absolutely exhausted him and this chab was also exhausted to even kick off the job.

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