Haley Spades

Haley Spades Haley Spades
Haley Spades @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Haley has just arrived at the private dorm facilities on campus and the resident advisor shows her to the room she will be staying in. It’s quite nice. But he warns her these facilities are for studying. No drugs, alcohol or boys. No problem she says as she is here to study. Well turns out the RA is a pantysniffer and she catches him a few weeks later in her drawer sniffing and whacking off onto her undergarments. What kind of pervert does that? But when a girl is deprived of cock even a pervert’s swollen hard love stick can look inviting. Soon she is sucking on it with all her might cause she knows this pole is going in her little white hole. Only four foot eight she is ready to take on the world and this big black dick is a great way to start. Sliding his huge bulbous thunder stick into her teeny tiny pussy is one tight fit but he makes it work. One thing this little twat is good at is taking big objects and soon she is being fucked all over the bed. Finally she is rewarded with a kisser full of man juice. Now that is one way to break up a boring study evening in the dorms.
Haley Spades Haley Spades
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Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Most people do a double take when they learn that Brandy Dean is a porn star, stripper, model and all-around big-tit entertainer. Her hair is red. She’s from Ohio. She has cornfed looks. She’s cute. She looks innocent.

“Usually they just look at me very stunned,” said Brandy. “Most people don’t know what to say, or they’ll say, ‘I never would have guessed that.'”

Brandy used to tour the strip club circuit but no longer.

“I feature-danced for years. It’s a little different on the feature scene so I’m not doing it now, but I enjoyed it. I was tired of the travel. I like to travel, but you get burnt out.”

Brandy never shot much porn. Her videos are far and few between. She’s not a prolific hardcore performer.

“I stay in contact with my fans. People email me, and a lot of them ask, ‘When are you going to shoot again?'”

For some reason, Brandy doesn’t get hit on when she goes out. We don’t get that. When she enters a room, her jutting sweater-mounds precede her by several seconds.

“Guys look at me. I can see that they’re looking, but they don’t come up and talk to me. Maybe they’re intimidated. At least that’s what I think. It’s a little weird. At a club they’ll dance with other women before they’ll dance with me.”

Brandy is a fuck toy. Treat her good, be aggressive like the Funbag Fucker in this scene and she’ll make your porny dreams come true.

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Ruby Lynne wants your cum

Ruby Lynne wants your cum

Ruby Lynne wants your cum

“I have a cum fetish,” said Ruby Lynne, a 54-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Portland, Oregon. “I love it anywhere and I love to see a guy cum for me. I love to be watched!”

Don’t disappoint the lady! Sit back and watch this curvy babe getting off for you while she imagines you getting off for her. And if you have a chance, drop a comment about how you jacked off to her. She’d love to hear all the details.

50Plus MILFs: Do you normally wear panties?

Ruby Lynne: Not often. If I do, I like thongs or bikinis.

50Plus MILFs: When you are out in public, how do you dress?

Ruby Lynne: Very casual. Jeans or joggers with a t-shirt and hoodie for running errands, a sexy dress and heels for going out at night.

50Plus MILFs: How did you come to our attention?

Ruby Lynne: I saw a magazine at a local sex store, came home and searched online.

50Plus MILFs: Are you a swinger?

Ruby Lynne: Yes! I have been swinging for about 13 years. My wildest night was an orgy with eight people.

50Plus MILFs: Kinkiest sexual encounter?

Ruby Lynne: It was at a sex club, having sex and being watched, knowing all the guys were stroking.

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Fruit of the Boobs

Fruit of the Boobs

Fruit of the Boobs

Suzumi Wilder looks good enough to eat. She’s a blonde cutie with a set of DDD-cup tits we’d like to bite into like an apple. And we wouldn’t mind giving her sweet cherry a few licks and nibbles, either. Suzumi’s latest scene opens with her giggling as she bounces her soft naturals for the camera. We’re unsure if she’s ever looked cuter than she does right now. There’s a bowl of fruit on the table in front of Suzumi, and she looks pretty pleased when she notices a banana.

“It’s so big,” Suzumi says as she picks it up and rubs it between her breasts. “It fits perfectly right between my tits.”

There’s something in our pants we think would fit between her tits even better, though.

“I love big fruit,” Suzumi adds. “Especially between my tits. It’s so much fun.”

We can hear the frantic footsteps of guys worldwide rushing over to their local market’s produce section.

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Meet Karla and her very wet cunt

Meet Karla and her very wet cunt

Meet Karla and her very wet cunt

“I’m really horny today and this outfit is not helping me,” 45-year-old first-timer Karla says. She’s definitely dressed for sex in a bra that shows off her big tits and sheer panties that show off her big, shapely ass.

And about that outfit not helping her…it’s definitely helping us with our hard-ons. Karla, who calls herself Karla Insatiable, is one hot MILF piece of ass. By the way, if you have any doubt about how horny Karla is, listen to the squish-squish noises when she’s got two fingers stuffed inside her cunt. Karla squirts a bit, too, or is that just her pussy juices? Is there a difference?

Anyway, today, Karla is showing off her beautiful body and getting off for your jacking pleasure, and Thursday, she’s going to fuck a 20-year-old. That’s our idea of a very nice introduction.

Karla is from Cali, Colombia and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s 5’7″, weighs 138 pounds and has DD-cup tits. She’s married and in an open relationship, meaning both are free to fuck whomever they want. If Karla was our wife, we’d only want to fuck her. And maybe we’d invite her friends to join in.

Yes, she’s a mom. She has worked as a purchase manager, a store manager, a dental assistant and in admissions at a school.

Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here?

“The people who really know me, no,” Karla said. “Some would be surprised, but my family and closest friends already know.”

For some reason, your 40SomethingMag.com editor just loves that.

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Bra Overload

Bra Overload

Bra Overload

Alana Lace has a sexy and naturally Voluptuous body. She has a girl-next-door, hot young wifey vibe about her, similar to Elaina Gregory and Cameron Skye.

In this intro video, Alana does something that we’d never seen before in any SCORE or Voluptuous video when she masturbates with her fingers after her tight bra show. Watch and see.

Alana’s got a delectable, curvy body and a pretty face. She also boasts a pair of sweet-looking, big tits which measure a whopping 43 inches and to which she straps on a 38DDD-cup bra. Those stats make her a natural for SCORELAND.

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Now pushing 60, Amy returns

Now pushing 60, Amy returns

Now pushing 60, Amy returns

It’s always great to see a hot MILF again after several years. Today, we have the return of Amy, who was 53 when she fucked on-camera for the first time in 2016 and is now 59 years old. She’s a mom and divorcee from the UK, she has big tits and a pierced pussy and she seems to be even hornier than she was before.

“I enjoy painting,” Amy told us. “I also enjoy going for long walks with my dog. I tend to be a quiet girl. Not in bed, of course. I’m definitely not quiet there! I enjoy sunny afternoons drinking coffee and reading the paper. I enjoy nice dinners.”

Back in 2016, after twice fucking young studs on-camera, Amy said, “Doing this is the most fun I’ve ever had.” She also said, “Only a few friends know what I’m doing and they were surprised when they found out. I’m not even a swinger. I’ve never gone more than topless on a nude beach, so I’m not exactly a loose girl.”

One of her friends who wasn’t surprised was 50Plus MILF Molly Maracas, who sent Amy our way.

Amy’s favorite kind of evening: “Drinks, dinner and sex.”

What she wants to do that she’s never done: “Have sex in the snow.”

What’s sexy to her? “Shaven balls.”

Break out the razors, guys!

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Laura Tithapia: The Busty Boss Lady

Laura Tithapia: The Busty Boss Lady

Laura Tithapia: The Busty Boss Lady

You have a meeting with one of the supervisors, XLGirl Laura Tithapia. Laura has heard about you and wants to have a meeting. She dresses like the busty boss she is: in a tight skirt, black stockings and a tight, white blouse, open to expose her massive cleavage.

Laura knows how to command attention. She asks you to lock the door behind you. She doesn’t need to talk at this meeting. Her body language will say it all. You’ll get the message immediately.

“I like to make a man feel special,” Laura said. “I will wear sexy clothes and let him undress me. I will lick his body and try new positions for him. We will role-play and I will wear any costume he wants me to wear. We will have sex in new positions and in different places like his car or in a sexy hotel. I will suck his cock for as long as he wants.”

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Delilah Day

Delilah Day Delilah Day
Delilah Day @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Delilah finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Seems she has been dating two men unbeknownst to each other for the last six months. Feeling guilty over sneaking around and fucking each guy she decides to confront the problem and solve it. So she invites both men over and lets them know she loves them both but only one gets to keep the pussy. That’s the man who fucks her the best. It’s an old fashioned "fuck off" and the loser goes home. Upset at first by this slut they both loved the men decide what the fuck, let’s go for it and proceed to lay it down. Young stud Chris gives it all he’s got and seems to be in the lead but wiley old Scotty is merely lurking in the woods and pounces when the young buck slows down. Trading cock rounds and power stuffing her twat the two men go at it like Roman gladiators in the ancient coliseum. In a flurry it is position after position as she rides the cocks, sucks the cocks and gets her pussy destroyed. Soon she is drenched in a massive cum shot all over her face by both cocks at the same time and she finds herself in even more of a conundrum. This might need a followup session.
Delilah Day Delilah Day
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Katy Ann: The SCORELAND Return

Katy Ann: The SCORELAND Return

Katy Ann: The SCORELAND Return

Back at SCORELAND for your entertainment pleasure, Katy Ann is in all her beautiful glory and her boobs are even bigger now than they were during her previous visits. We missed her and so did the many who constantly emailed about her. Katy plays the game of green light/red light in the video version of this pictorial.

“I love the fantasy aspect of modeling,” Katy Ann said. “It’s a break from normal life, and getting primped is so much fun. I just feel like I’m a very sexual person. I love it all.”

“Katy Ann was a pleasure to photograph,” said our photographer, who’s worked with hundreds of models. “She’s a natural in front of the camera.”

Every SCORE Girl we interview has a different philosophy about sex on the first date. Here’s Katy Ann’s take on that age-old question.

“If I don’t take the guy seriously, I will have sex with him on the first date. If I like the guy, I will hold out on having sex for a bit. Not forever. If a woman doesn’t have sex with you right away she might actually really like you and wants you to take her seriously.”

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Street Walkin’

Street Walkin’

Street Walkin'

When a guy gets really horny, so horny his nuts are swollen, he goes out looking for action. Some go to bars. Some go to strip clubs. Some go to singles mixers. Some call an ex or hit their little black book of girls they know. And some, like this gentleman, cruise the streets looking for hot chicks they can pick up.

Now, what Claire (played by Claire Dames) is wearing as she walks along the boulevard is not any hotter than what girls wear walking in South Beach or Santa Monica or on the Las Vegas Strip. But Claire’s clothing is mega-hot and she has that extra touch of swagger as she walks. The horny driver spots her immediately. He pulls over, thinking she’s a hooker. He needs a mouth and a pussy to fuck.

A little curbside talk and a little drive-time talk and they arrive at his place. Claire looks so fuckable, the driver can’t control himself. Her hot little body is driving him crazy. He pulls his pants down on the staircase and Claire gives him a tremendous dick- and ball-sucking. The camera angles are awesome and so is Claire’s talent at sex. Claire takes off her clothing on the stairs and he licks her pink taco. She digs it.

Claire stands up and teases him with her shapely ass as she walks up the stairs and enters a bedroom. She gets on the bed and starts to rub her clit. The driver follows and immediately spreads her legs and begins fucking her pussy. Claire turns out to be an amazing bed partner. She’s a wild woman, a walking wet dream.

After they fuck in doggy, she tells him that she really wants his big cock in her ass. What Claire wants, Claire gets. His cock is buried in Claire’s sweet asshole for a boiling-hot fuck! And watch what they do for a surprise ending!

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