Nila’s Really Big Show

Nila’s Indeed Large Display

Nila's Truly Bigger than standard Show

What do readers of XL Girls mag need to say about gorgeous brunette hair Nila (pronounced Neela) Mason? A lot! Here are some letters from previous issues.

From Seth:

“Dear XL Girls, I dreamed and XL Girls identified her: handsome gal Nila Mason (SP306). I hope this babe will not avoid with solo posing and our dreams of her screwing with a charmer will come true. Nila is simply nice-looking. She is handsome in every way: eyes, smile, hair and, obviously, her appealing curves deliver the knockout punch. She’s a chick of curvaceous proportions and my recent favourite. Thank u, Nila.”

From P.W.:

“Dear XL Beauties, Nila Mason (SP306) is perfect in each feature. That babe can not be bettered unless she can gain a bit more weight around her abdomen, hips and booty.
Magnificant shape, form and skin tone, color and texture. The size of her nips is spot-on. Her bumpers are soft and ample. Her cunt lips are the ideal size for engulfing.”

If you look up the definition of man-pleaser in the dictionary, you’ll detect a photo of Nila Mason.

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