Nikki Smith – Cheerleader For XLGirls

Cheerleader For XLGirls

Cheerleader For XLGirls

“I was a cheerleader and a dancer in college,” Nikki Smith tells us. What a sight that have to have been. We should do a cheerleader shoot one day. “It was definitely interesting. It took tons of beneath garment support, adore doubling up on sports bras just to keep ’em down so I could be athletic. They looked cute in uniforms though. I was popular, but my melons were even more popular. But I guess I got more comments when I was younger. Just coz it was so out of the run of the mill for girls to have wobblers at that age. But I didn’t mind also much. I kind of adore the attention.”

“I definitely go for confident–not cocky–guys. I loathe gutsy men. Arrogance drives me barmy. I like a clean-cut lad, somebody who looks very elementary. I don’t go for anything also over the top. A boy who can look valuable in plain jeans and a T-shirt is sexy. I’m definitely a sucker for country bucks. I am from California, but I’m a diehard country music fan. So u put a boy in Levis and boots and oh my god, I am done.”

“I like boys to be a little more masterful. I do prefer ’em to make the 1st move. But if I really desire it, and I indeed wanna suck his rod, and he’s not doing everything about it eventually I will rip his trousers off and take control. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Hello! Are we intend to kiss forever? Let us do smth!’ Sometimes u need to step up and flaunt them it is okay. Especially with me since I like to do old-fashioned dating. They urge to respect that until I am adore, ‘Okay, I cant take it anymore.'”

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