Natalie Fiore – The Seventh Month

The Seventh Month

The 7th Month

Unprecedented! Natalie Fiore is back and she’s in “The 7th Month.” You saw the sneak peek of this video. Not since Shyla Coy has a preggy adult model shared so much of herself. Her belly bump has been steadily growing and now it is completely giant. The same for her bigger-than-big hooters. Natalie rubs her bump every single day. She says that touching and caressing it makes her hot and u know how randy pregnant cuties can receive.

Being on-camera knowing that babe is being viewed amps up Natalie’s thrills. It’s enough to drive a stud nutty. Natalie did not have to receive undressed and hot on-camera. Her gestation is a particular time for her. Almost any babes would not have done this. Natalie did it for the fans ‘cuz that babe knows many of ’em crave to watch preggy honeys. Seeing her love this stokes ’em and that stokes her flames even more. Even for us veteran SCORE Group people, seeing Natalie preggo after all these years of photographing her is a momentous occasion.

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