Mrs. Dixon & The Dick

Mrs. Dixon & The Weenie

Mrs. Dixon & The Dick

Dallas Dixon is a wife and hotel employee from Kentucky. With the encouragement of her boyfriend, that babe decided to bust out and try undressed modeling and porn. Her hubby was phat with the idea of his big-boobed babe getting fucked by strangers with humongous dicks.

Dallas says that babe loves the basics of life. “On dates, I love going to dinner and a movie scene, or a sporting event. I do not go out that much after work. Adore majority people, I go home after work, have dinner, observe TV or do some housework until it is time for daybed. I adore watching TV at home, spending time with friends and target shooting on Saturday afternoons.”

About this scene, Dallas said, “JR had a bigger than average rod, one of the stupendous rods I ever saw in real life. This chab really knew how to use it on me. I enjoyed sucking it. The entire thing was just fun for me. I not at all wanted it to become my life’s work. I am glad I gotta live one of my fantasies.”

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