Morgan Page – Texas Ta-Ta Teaser

Texas Ta-Ta Teaser

Texas Ta-Ta Teaser

“Guys check out me and think I am a girly cutie who can’t do everything, but I can indeed put up drywall, lay tile and do other projects. I like using vigour tools,” told Morgan Page who hails from Texas and is a fairly fresh arrival to photo modeling. She used to be a dancer and knows what boyz like in a girl. Bra-busters. Ass. And everything else.

“I know that guys love scoops and I’ve large bazookas. When I need smth, it’s nice to know that I can brandish a little deep cleavage and fellows will pay attention to what I need done. I’d adore to become known as a adult model, but I likewise wish to relish. Back home, I do not brandish myself off on purpose, but my love melons are so big that it bears a resemblance to I’m dressing to expose off. I do tend to pick breast valley shirts. I think I look priceless in them. I adore attention, but sometimes I do not wanna make a spectacle of myself.”

“I’m a big dork so everything from bowling to bingo is wonderful for a first date. Anything that’s fun but lets you get into each other. I can be confident or passive. It depends on my mood. But one time I have a regular husband, I love sex as often as possible. My favorite kind of foreplay is warming up in the shower. Yes, I like to drink. There is no sense in making a mess.”

The cuties in Texas always have a valuable head on their shoulders.

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