Missy takes a BBC in her ass. Hubby watches.

Missy takes a BBC in her butt. Boyfriend watches.

Missy takes a BBC in her a-hole. Partner watches.

Missy Blewitt bonks her husband’s workout buddy in her return to 50PlusMILFs.com. Missy is a 50-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother from Detroit, Michigan. Jax Black, the workout buddy, is a 28-year-old buck with a large, black cock.

Missy sucks and jacks that BBC during the time that forcing her real-life partner to observe, then that babe lies in her hubby’s lap whilst Jax eats her snatch. Now that is what we call a supportive hubby! Jax then fucks her pussy every which way and then, to pile on the humiliation, loads up Missy’s tight mature anus with his king-size schlong. He cums on her larger than standard bosoms.

Missy is a hairstylist back home in Detroit, and if her male clients knew what this babe was doing here, they’d have greater boners than they already have when Missy is bending over them, love melons in their faces, and cutting their hair.

50PlusMILFs: Majority knobs you’ve ever blown at one time?
Missy: Four. I have had 2 in my throat at once.
50PlusMILFs: So where are the other dongs?
Missy: They were right there awaiting to be next.
50PlusMILFs: When did this BJ group sex happen?
Missy: About four months agone. It was in a hotel room. Four men.
50PlusMILFs: Were they younger?
Missy: Mostly younger. Twenties.
50PlusMILFs: Can u tell us about your gangbang party?
Missy: Sure. It was this one girl’s birthday, and she had not at all had more than one lad at a time, and she had not ever been DP’d, either. So we showed up, and she was being rogered from behind and in her throat, and we observed for a during the time that, and I got turned on, and my partner started playing with me, and there was one more goddess there who was organizing and fluffing.
50PlusMILFs: How many lads were at this party?
Missy: I guess 3 lads at first. Then two more showed up.
50PlusMILFs: Did you have sex with all five lads?
Missy: I had 3 at a time.
50PlusMILFs: And u are plan to have anal sex while you’re here, right?
Missy: I hope so!

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