Marilyn Mayson – Marilyn Does a Body Good

Marilyn Does a Body Fine

Marilyn Does a Body Good

In a browser survey from the November ’12 XL Gals mag, the top five sweethearts were Marilyn Mayson, Shar, Devin Taylor, Charlie Cooper and Samantha 38G. Alluring. Marilyn is in great company. Devin is now retired and Charlie is currently on hiatus.

Some XL Beauties fans do more than drop a quick comment after they see a photo set or a episode. They write detailed emails and letters. In one missive, a lady-killer named R.N. wrote, “I too can’t stop jacking to Marilyn Mayson’s 38H cups. I suppose Betty Blac and Marilyn Mayson are fastened for the almost any mouth-watering snatches that I’ve drooled over in recent months.”

“Marilyn Mayson is a shapely girl-next-door who looks lovely and all innocent on the outdoors but receives naughty and freaky behind the bedroom door,” L.M wrote about Marilyn. “How do u discover someone like that?” Did L.M. tap into Marilyn’s personality? It would appear so. He’d too adore to tap into Marilyn, but that’s some other story.

In this scene, James would love to hit on his room mate Marilyn, but he’s not sure how to do it. He is in a quandary that holds a fellow back ‘coz he’s afraid of offending her if this babe doesn’t accept his interest in her. This skirt chaser daydreams of feeding her wang but is frozen by his indecision. Solely when this gent walks in by accident and sees Marilyn moisturizing her bigger in size than standard mounds in her bedroom does the act kick off.

Marilyn is topless and admiring herself in the mirror (and she has something particular to admire) when this stud interrupts her. Instead of covering herself, Miss Mayson beckons him to come closer and tells him to feel up her bumpers. Then this babe strips and sucks and tit-massages his rod to rock-hardness. His fantasy has come true.

Marilyn sucks greedily on his tool, her face hole juices dripping and spilling from her lips. She poses her pussy-hole over his fuck-pole and lowers herself until it’s absolutely inside her ravishing pussy. The indecent ride starts…and another stiffening example of Marilyn’s kooky sex skills. This photo shoot also contains several lactation pics not seen in the video and Marilyn does not rub lotion on her mammaries.

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