Marie Leone – Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Fresh Discovery Marie Leone is solely 19-years-old. She is kinda amazin’. Someone up there must adore The SCORE Group for sending Marie our way. Marie’s body and larger than standard milk shakes turn heads everywhere this babe goes. Born in California, Marie can’t live with out cars and works in a car shop. Her sister introduced her to cars and Marie’s been hooked on fast and furious wheels ever since.

As mentioned in her Fresh Discovery pictorial, Marie’s zeppelins are 42-inches and that babe usually wears a 34J-cup brassiere! Keep in mind that babe is 5’2″ tall. “My scoops began to develop when I turned 14 but before then I was incredibly flat-chested and petite,” Marie said. Her growth spurt receive to have flummoxed everybody; teachers, family, doctors, you name ’em.

By the time Marie was in 8th grade, that babe had bigger mammaries than her teachers! “I always wear a under garment when I go out,” Marie says. “When I’m home, I just let it all hang out.” U rock, Marie.

Marie did not need time to make up her mind about trying guy-girl. She’s kinda truly lustful back home and this was a new experience that babe wanted to try. This babe says hawt glamour modeling is one of the majority enjoyment things she is done.

Marie fills out that sexy maid suit like no one’s business. In this scene, Marie’s copulate spouse Rocky can’t expect to acquire on her. 1st that babe has her mountainous bra buddies and spankable ass played with. This angel is a busty wet fantasy. She’s got plenty of talent with a stick shift and she likes showing her moves. Marie is great at mouthing rod and that’s merely a fraction of her talent.

She’s liking the butt play she’s getting and when Rocky sticks his big cock in her sugar-pot and then into her tush, Marie rubs her clit to maximize her fun. “I relish it when my arse gets played with and the same goes for gazoo slam,” says Marie. “I am normally passive. I’ll try anything and everything as lengthy as it doesn’t involve hair pulling or choking. My beloved position is cowgirl.”

Marie Leone: Maid For Anal. A 19-year-old large boob sex headmistress. In olden times, wars were fought over girls like this.

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