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<p class=If you have seen Stephanie Stalls‘ vids previous to, u know that the vivacious Kentuckian striptease star is a very chatty, vocal cutie, especially when she’s banging. She is a live-wire, a high-energy girl on stage around the country and in ottoman. Manhandled takes Stephanie on a different route. This babe won’t be experienced to talk! In the opener, Stephanie puts a submissive’s ball-gag in her throat, the kind of restraint used in B&D films. Her sex husband is watching and goes ape on her from the begin, squeezing her massive 34F cups and sucking her nipples roughly, slapping ’em, slapping her face, and roughly fingering her muff. He has her remove the gag only to service his hard cock with her throat. When he’s willing to bonk, after she uses her zeppelins to massage him, that gent has her put the gag back on and starts to roughly copulate her unbending. When her need to cry out and groan is too great to hold back, the gag comes without her throat. This gent urges to fuck Stephanie‘s gazoo after having banged her twat and begins to gangbang into her constricted anus love a lunatic. And his plans for Stephanie include a cum feeding when that dude has had his arse gratification. Is this Stephanie‘s nastiest clip out of all of her SCORE movies? U tell us.

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