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“I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” says the bubbly, giggly Lola Hot as this babe bounces on the sofa in her bra and knickers. Lola is a Czech high school student who models on the weekends. This is the 1st time this babe is posed stripped, widening and finger-fucking her taut little gap. Lola doesn’t speak any English, so a translator helped out. She’s a quick study. “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the movie and pictures of myself afterwards and it got me excited one time more.”

Lola’s hobbies are riding horses, exotic dancing and taking care of her dog, a Chihuahua. “My mangos acquire much attention. I’m solely 154 centimeters (5’1″) so my milk cans look even bigger. When the weather is priceless, I adore to wear constricted reservoir tops, high heels and shorts. Almost any of my teachers don’t like this so I wear more garments in class. But there’s one teacher I guess craves to have sex with me, but this lady-killer will not coz that petticoat chaser is afraid of losing his job. He looks at my bra buddies and my legs a lot. I will lick my lips when I catch his eyes just to tanalise him. I think this gent goes home and plays with himself thinking about me. When my fotos are published in Voluptuous mag, I think I will send him a copy with out telling him it’s from me.”

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