Lily Valentine – Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Lily Valentine’s dream was to have sex while other people look at. That is one of the reasons that babe became a SCORE Goddess. “I like being looked at. It gives me such intensive enjoyment to be observed as a buck makes beefy, inflexible like to me, that I can’t even describe it in words,” that babe gushed. The marvelous brunette hair Quebecoise from Montreal and her fuck buddy are snow-bound. They have a priceless, cozy chalet to shag in. That babe climbs the staircase at the chalet, a bonk kitten in a constricted sweater and short petticoat, stopping to self-lick her hangers. What a body! What a face! Wars were fought over hotty’s love her in olden times.

They initiate on the staircase and work their way down Lily’s nice-looking body. “I like a buck to spend plenty of time kissing and licking my meatballs,” says Lily. “Then when we bonk, we copulate rigid and for a lengthy time. I love to be dominated with plenty of valuable penetration and deep thrusting. This ladies man must copulate me a long-time.” Lily’s large cookie flaps encircle his wang. Many have commented favorably about those big gyno-wings.

“I need a ladies man who can read me well and knows how to handle me,” told Lily. “If a guy stops because he thinks I do not love his banging, he’s making a mistake. I am confident in couch so I need a dude that’s stronger than me. Who will tell me what to do, hold my head to his ramrod, tell me to suck his testicles subrigid, spank my ass hard when I am on top or he’s behind me.”

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