Leanne Crow – Body Creamer

Body Creamer

Body Creamer

Leanne Crow is savouring some milk and cereal on the terrace when who should join her but the great Jenna Valentine. Jenna compliments Leanne on her milk mustache. Calling the cameraman over, Leanne picks up her glass and promptly throws it into the digi camera, giving him a milk mustache all over. Bold, isn’t that babe?

That’s Jenna’s cue to take off although Leanne probably would not have done the same milk splatter trick to her worthy American friend. After Jenna leaves, Leanne stands up and removes her nightie, then picks up the creamer and pours the entire contents all over her magnificent chest.

Leanne rubs the thick white liquid into her skin, pours more on herself and then buffs the table with her large cream-covered love bubbles. That babe rubs the semen into her arse and not fast walks over to the balcony to gaze at the town skyline.

Looks like the milkman will be making an additional prevent in Leanne’s kitchen this afternoon.

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