Krystal Swift – Czech Country Girl

Czech Country Cutie

Czech Country Girl

This is Krystal Swift’s version of a country angel. Works for us. There’re a lot of hot farm angels in the Czech Republic. We’d like to think so in any case. Krystal looks sexy as hell as a farmer’s daughter. You’d be glad to help her hang these curtains just to see her climb a ladder in advance of she climbed on your curtain shlong. Final time at SCORELAND, Krystal helped 2 males with their curtain dongs. She’s so helpful.

What are Krystal’s peculiar talents? Furthermore the ones you are looking at. “I can scream very loud,” Krystal told. You know what she’s doing when that happens and it is not dangling up curtains. European beauties are very open and direct. “My favorites dates are in daybed getting fine, lengthy sex with a worthy ladies man. I drink and I do not care for anal.” Her first sentence sounds like she’d be great girlfriend material. The final sentence sounds love a wife.

When Krystal’s not giving her all with cameras rolling, she’s with allies at ice hockey games (favourite team is HC Oceláři Třinec) or out dancing and burning off some of that endless energy.

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