Kansas City Bomber

Kansas Town Bomber

Kansas Town Bomber

Little did we suspect that Kansas Town was home to someone as cute and stacked as sales associate and girl-next-door Carrie Ashton. It’s inflexible to make no doubt of she thought this babe is not photogenic.

Carrie plays clip games in her free time and likes to look at basketball. Her nipps are pierced, which she says makes her dugs more sensitive in each way.

“I am a little bit of a hard-ass,” Carrie told, even though that seems difficult to believe. “I am rock hard to get. A chap should be polite, have a great personality and treat me with respect. That works with me more than pick-up lines or phony enchantment. I can watch throughout that. Sometimes some of the pick-up lines are funny, though. I will admit that.

“I can not stand going out to restaurants ‘cuz lots of times, when I do go out, people stare at me ‘cuz of my love melons and they action stuck up and full of themselves. That is not my idea of a worthy time. I most like to get take-out and stay home and look at the game on TV, or, love, a movie scene.”

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