Just A Couple Of Classy 60Something Sluts

Just A Couple Of Chic 60something Sluts

Just A Couple Of Handsome Sixty something Sluts

As a prelude to their first-ever BGG three-some jointly, Jewel, 63, and Bea Cummins, 68, sit down for an interview. The ladies look spectacular in bras, panties, stockings and garters as they discuss this historic, much-anticipated, much-requested pairing.

“Our fans just wanna watch Jewel and I together in whatsoever,” Bea told. “They don’t care what it is. They just wanna watch us jointly.”

“I think the thing that appeals to our fans is the classiness that we have together,” Jewel said, “the sensuality that we express, and I think they wanna watch us take all that and express it to every other. I don’t think there is any one thing, like mouthing her left tit or eating her pussy. It is just the package. What they see us do in other pictures and videos, they wish to watch us do that together.”

During this interview, we acquire to see ’em kiss for the 1st time. In tomorrow’s clip, you’ll watch ’em teaming up on a hung fellow. And a very peculiar week proceeds…

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