Jasmine Jones – Two Bones For Mrs. Jones

2 Bones For Mrs. Jones

Two Bones For Mrs. Jones

When Jasmine Jones made separate arrangements to meet her butt calls, this babe made the mistake of inviting them over on the same day and time. Now they’re flanking Jasmine on the bed. Carlos is sullen whilst Tony is taking it in stride.

But no worries. This is Jasmine Jones, a wifey from Texas with an enormous sex drive. She’ll take care of both of them, right here and now. They can take turns on her face hole and cum-hole. Happiness will prevail in the end.

During the time that Jasmine is blowing Carlos, Tony is fascinating her cum-hole with his cunt-pumper, and then vice-versa. The men don’t neglect Jasmine’s heavy fun bags and her elongated areolas, a marvel of mammary brilliance. Not for one minute.

As Jasmine has told us several times, “I love to show off my mammaries and my ass. And if I can make you cum whilst I cum that makes it even more worthy for me.” She does really.

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