It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr

It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr

It Takes 2 To Tame Tigerr

Tigerr Benson can be a tough, unyielding mastix some of the time. That babe can be a sweet-voiced kitty the rest of the time. Here Tigerr’s cracking the whip, showing claws, teasing, giving orders (still with that lovely voice) and eyeing Max and Thomas love they’re sides of beef. These fellows better give her a worthy schtupping in every hole in this Dual Penetration party if they know what’s valuable for Them!

SCORELAND: Tigerr, you have likewise told that in your personal life, it’s almost impossible to detect two lads that will DP you. We’ve a nice-looking wonderful idea why. Have any boyz flat out told no?

Tigerr: I think almost all normal guys are worried about other lads watching them. It is the ego problem, I guess. If merely they can concentrate on me instead.

SCORELAND: What’s the superlatively worthy position for u when doing a DP?

Tigerr: I like it when I’m on top of a woman chaser and one is behind me. I like to feel their breath near my face. Closer to me.

SCORELAND: If you are screwing one boy, do u or the lad ever use a cock-toy or fake penis to simulate a kind of DOUBLE PENETRATION? How does that compare to 2 guys?

Tigerr: Sometimes. I do love most of all dongs rather than toys.

SCORELAND: Do boys always wish to bonk your big scoops? Have u ever been with boys who solely wanted to stick it betwixt your knockers and cum from that?

Tigerr: Absolutely! It’s pleasure being overspread in cum. Anywhere on my body or in my body, in fact.

SCORELAND: Thank’s, Tigerr. Stay hawt!

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