Hot Tub Love Machine

Hawt Tub Love Machine

Hot Tub Like Machine

“Dick drunk is when you got more than u contemplated and you got pumped a few too many times to the point where u feel drunk when u acquire up. Here at SCORE, u seem to discover lads with monster cocks. He was a really good boy, but that man was in the titanic department. It only took a not many pumps in advance of my head was rattled and I knew I was drunk. You acquire pumped numerous times and pretty soon u realize, ‘Yeah, that’s a lot to fill u,’ and your head knows that your vagina is worthy and filled, and it just sends off the endorphins.”

“I pick and select different shoots that I wanna do and certain companies that I love working for, and for some reason, you studs always have bigger than run of the mill fuckers. I have no idea what the deal is with SCORE. I suppose you bucks have the stupendous girls with the king-size mellons, so u might as well have the boys with the colossal dicks, also.”

“In Mamazon, I was with two boys, and they one as well as the other were commonplace size. I was precious. I was adept to take care of two bucks at the same time, and I was multi-tasking, and it was a entire different euphoric experience, but it was not necessarily schlong drunk. There was no jock drunk, but the time before that, you had me with studs who were monsters. I indeed went back to my hotel room and had nightmares about big knobs chaseing me.”

“I like the taste of snatch. I especially love the smack of my own twat. Not all snatches are the same. It depends on whether a girl takes care of herself. But after the dong has been in my muff for a whilst, I like to taste my muff off his 10-Pounder, then put that dick back inside. Rough it up once more until I get so happy, I’m gonna end up squirting on it.”

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