Holly Claus Is Cummin’ To Town

Holly Claus Is Cummin’ To City

Holly Claus Is Cummin' To Town

Meet Holly Claus and prepare to jack. This babe is cummin’ to town and she’s a powerhouse of superheated, down and messy raunch. She is the kind of beauty who does no-holes-barred impure fuckin’ porn, the kind studs love to view. As Woody Allen once told, “Sex is merely filthy if you’re doing it right.”

Holly is from Key West (we’re practically neighbors) and that babe appeared with out nowhere, love a genie suddenly popping out of a bottle. A local photographer who shoots fotos in south Florida strip clubs said us about her and then Holly made her way here after seeing our glamour model page online (SCOREModelsWanted.com) and applying.

Holly is a stripper (“Most fun job I have ever had,” says Holly.) and masturbates in bed as a webcam adult model. Now this babe is on her way to porn star-land.

That babe loves to spit and drool over a man’s junk and take it hard in her snatch and anal opening in every rogering position in the playbook. What is sexy to Holly? “A stiff dick,” is her short reply. “I like to bonk whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Holly likes lads who are younger than that babe is. “Young boys are very well boned-up on Internet porn. They know exactly what they are doing.”

Holly has four rings by her cunt, 2 on either side of her labia, and this babe has a barbell through her clit hood. The sure sign of a mega-sexual sweetheart. Yet that babe has no tats anywhere, not even the ordinary tribal band on the ankle or upper arm. No nipp or tongue piercings either.

Now prepare to watch Holly in ass-play, face-fucking, deep-throating, twat and arsehole dicking, facial cumshots and man cream drinking. That babe actually enjoys what this babe is doing. The merely change for her is being recorded doing all this ribald stuff. Keep the fire extinguisher nearby in case your trousers catch on fire.

Welcome to the bigger in size than typical flaunt, Holly Claus.

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