Hitomi – Bullet Bra Babe

Bullet Brassiere Babe

Bullet Bra Babe

Hitomi’s claim to fame is her phenomenal natural bust. Overlooked and almost by no means mentioned or praised are her sexy, curvacious legs. That situation is straightened out, love our schlongs will be, with this tribute to Hitomi’s legs, encased in fully-fashioned stockings and skyscraper shoes. The editor of Leg Sex magazine loved her look so much, the photo-shoot was published in the Summer 2014 edition (Volume 18 Number TWO). It’s a very different style for Hitomi.

To whole the vintage ’50s look, Hitomi’s donned a tight top and petticoat that would have fit into an early video of TV’s Avid Men. Her big meatballs jut out love missiles ‘coz of the supportive bullet undergarment Hitomi wore. This bra’s different because holes have been cut into the tips. If Hitomi worked in an office and clothed adore this, no work would ever finish off.

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