Hanging Hooters

Drooping Fun bags

Hanging Hooters

“One of my party tricks is I can make my love muffins clap,” Mya Blair told. This babe does this in the episode portion of this scene.

Anyway internet performing and doing XXX and nude pictorials, Mya occasionally dances in a topless undress club. All this and too gonna school. Mya’s a busy hotty.

XLGirls: U give lap dances too?

Mya: Yes, to plenty of males who like large mangos. Almost all of ’em come for my breasts. I can sit on their lap. I can put my milk sacks in their face, but the boys must keep his hands where there is raiment, and if I wear briefs, they cannot touch the front.

XLGirls: And they can’t touch your breasts, either?

Mya: On the floor, no, but in the back, definitely.

XLGirls: The VIP room.

Mya: Some lads think they cant touch my fullsome funbags even if they were dressed, so they keep their hands to themselves but usually I’d just suggest them up. Then they don’t wanna take their hands off of them. They adore to play with ’em.

XLGirls: For sure. Your raunchy fantasies?

Mya: Being watched. Using a strap-on on a woman. Office sex. I wanna do tons of things. I’m sure I’ll acquire around to doing almost all of ’em.

XLGirls: You adore gagging on wang, don’t you?

Mya: I do. It is one of my fetishes.

XLGirls: Are u sexually adventurous in your personal life?

Mya: I guess I’d say yes. I will try not quite anything one time.

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