H Is For H-Cup Boobs

H Is For H-Cup Boobs

H Is For H-Cup Boobs

SCORELAND: You wouldn’t model if you did not love to be looked at.

Lara: I like to be watched. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I like to show off. I’ve had sex in public many times, and I like it. It is something I urge to do another time and one time more. Some fellows are a little afraid of that. I am not.

SCORELAND: When you go out just shopping or whatsoever, do u costume to brandish off or hide your scoops?

Lara: Reveal ’em. I am not demure about showing my breast valley at all. I truly feel magnificant about the attention I receive. I love to be admired. I will dress in a way that makes my mammaries look hawt but tasteful. I donot suit in a way that makes my meatballs hang out, but I always dress in a way that they look priceless.

SCORELAND: You have said u love to masturbate.

Lara: Yes, all the time. I adore to play with myself when I’m home.

SCORELAND: What’s your sexual fantasy?

Lara: To have a three-some with either two males or some other gal and a buck. But not for porn.

SCORELAND: So you adore sweethearts. Have u had sex with a female?

Lara: Yeah, and I liked it. Vixens are so downy and worthwhile and they know what to do.

SCORELAND: What’s the funniest pick-up line a stud ever said?

Lara: “Are you free for a tit-fuck?”

SCORELAND: Did it work?

Lara: No. I laughed, but it didn’t work. It would not work for almost any women. He should have asked, “Are u free for coffee?”

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