Good Morning With Sarah Rae

Fine Morning With Sarah Rae

Good Morning With Sarah Rae

The grogginess of sleep will be over in a flash and you’ll snap to alertness when u shuffle into the kitchen and watch girl-next-doorish Sarah Rae pouring a cup of coffee for you. As an added bonus, this babe is decided to adult model her fresh pink tube suit and high heels. Here’s a girl who should be put on a pedestal. She’s a living work of art.

We popped into the studio to chat with Sarah before this scene.

XLGirls: Do u wear a brassiere all the time?

Sarah: I solely wear bras when I go out. I normally do not wear them around the house or whilst I sleep.

XLGirls: What is the #1 thing your fans wanna see you do?

Sarah: Probably hardcore but I do not think it is for me. Furthermore that, flash my love muffins. I love flashing my marangos.

XLGirls: Along that line, do u view adult clips?

Sarah: I do not really look at adult movie scenes. My imagination is way more worthwhile. Majority adult movie scenes are fake. Plus the men are kind of gross. I find maybe one out of each 20 porn dudes ok. It’s not truly marketed for chicks. What’s up with all these monster dicks? Some of this ram just looks painful. Keep in mind this is just my opinion here.

XLGirls: Your opinion is valued. A goddess has to wanna do hardcore.

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