Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates

Admirable Girl/Bad Beauty Roommates

Good Girl/Bad Hotty Roommates

Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey are 2 of the horniest and bustiest angels u could ever wanna get a hold of. They have brought fun to uncountable T&A fellows. Their juggs are mountainous, solid works of natural art and they are so sexy, u would not need a radiator in the winter to stay warm, not with their boobs and booties pushed in your face.

Nikki and Pike are making out in the living room when this woman chaser spots Scarlet coming with out a bedroom with Nikki’s mountainous below garment. This babe detected it in her own washing. Scarlet hands it over and goes back to her room. Pike stares. He’s hooked and Nikki can tell.

It made sense for Nikki and Scarlet to share a place even though Pike thinks they’re opposites ‘cuz Nikki’s “conservative,” as this chab puts it, and Scarlet likes the Goth look. Maybe they are opposites but opposites attract. And they share a love of large tits and hawt sex with hung dudes.

Their make-out flow interrupted, Nikki abruptly decides to walk her dog and gets up. This leaves Pike to walk into the hallway and spy on Scarlet brushing her hair. He turns around and finds Nikki looking at him. Caught! The old dog trick always works on bigger in size than average tit hounds.

No problem! Nikki is sexy for Scarlet too. This babe just did not have to tell him earlier. That babe goes into Scarlet’s room and whispers in Scarlet’s ear. They look with teasing eyes and lips at Pike standing in the hallway. Then they begin making out on her couch, engulfing areolas and fingering pussies. Scarlet starts to eat out Nikki’s moist grip in front of Pike who has the appearance of he’s just had a concussion.

This Lothario needs a blunt invitation so Nikki tells him to come over to the bed and bring his rock hard schlong. Pike revives and walks over so Scarlet and Nikki can pull his trousers down and get a clutch on his fuck-stick. The 2 tit-goddesses take turns mouthing him off as this charmer stands. They acquire him on his back so they can hover over him and Hoover his shaft and swelling nuts, making popping sounds with their cock-and-balls-sucking lips. This is really hooter heaven. Someone up there get to like this smooth operator.

Scarlet climbs on board first and gets her thighs gyrating once Pike’s pole is up her pink bawdy cleft. Then it is Nikki’s turn to get pounded. The torrid three-some take turns fucking, engulfing and finger-banging in different poses as their immodest ride approaches cum city. This afternoon didn’t turn out so bad after all.

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