Gaynor: Raw & Hot

Gaynor: Raw & Sexy

Gaynor: Raw & Hot

Gaynor of Manchester, England was one of the superlatively admirable known of the BBWs during a time when BBWs in porn were scarce and not showcased by majority of the adult industry.

Gaynor was a Plumper of the Month in January 1997 Voluptuous before XL Angels mag was initially appeared. This babe later appeared in XL Cuties magazine in SP#29, published in 1999.

Adore the movies at, this scene is not edited, has the original sound, does not have a music overlay and has never been observed or heard in this form out side of the editing room at the London studio. The videography is very different compared to the shooting styles of this day. It is raw and uncut. There’re flubs, bloopers, verbal direction and digi camera movements that the video editor subsequently removed. Gaynor is very sexually aggressive and meaty and her sex husband gets a real workout.

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